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What is the impact of a dream?

At Flight Path Vectors, ours is to be a leading professional aviator and innovative systems enterprise offering in-person consulting and training. Our depth of experience and accomplishment makes us unique in the aviation industry.


At Flight Path Vectors, we provide expert services for aspiring professionals in the aviation industry with the objective of developing their careers, offering job placement mentoring that includes resume writing, aviation documentation, job interview preparation, and networking for already-trained domestic, immigrant, veteran, and refugee pilots.

Because of our extensive aviation networks, we are a resource for international sales of aircraft and aircraft parts.

We offer direct consulting for pilots, engineers, mechanics, airport operations, aircraft manufacturing, data systems, air traffic control; and, airway transportation systems specialists in radar, navigation, communications, automation, and aviation safety inspection.

We connect professional pilots with job opportunities.

We provide on-demand training sessions (live or virtual) educating pilots, hiring managers, and aviation leaders on the current state of professional pilot demand and availability.

We provide hiring managers and aviation leaders with current and forecast information so they can make the best choices for their organizations. We provide our eleven-step Leadership Training Course tailored for airlines, flight schools, and flight operations.

Meet the
FPV Team

Al Timpauer

Al Timpauer

Alberto Timpauer was born and raised in Canada. He always dreamed of traveling and serving others. Al joined and served in the Canadian Armed Forces in the Army. After a very long wait, 13 years, Al had the opportunity to immigrate to the United States of America. Once in settled into his new home, Al went on to serve in the United States Army as a Combat Medic and then to retire as an Infantry Platoon Sergeant. The move to aviation was a natural transition. Al attended and graduated from Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University. Through out his aviation career he has worked in many capacities. He has worked as a Gold Seal Flight Instructor, Air Cargo Captain, Professional Standards Mediator, Critical Incident Response Team Member, Hiring Team Member, Mentorship Program Director, and Regional Airline Captain. Several years ago, Al had the opportunity to move on to his dream airline and fly the mighty B737. Al’s desire to serve and mentor others has led to the creation of Flight Path Vectors. Al is currently the President of this organization.
Philip Green

Philip Green

Philip Green was raised in Mesa, Arizona. He is the oldest child of seven children. Growing up, he lived underneath the flight path of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. Watching commercial airliners fly into the airport every afternoon he gained an interest and desire to pursue aviation. After graduating from high school, he attended ASU where he earned his Bachelor's Degree. He then enrolled in a flight
school located in New Mexico to obtain his ratings. He has flown commercially for 17 years and has worked as a pilot at 3 different airlines. His experience includes positions as a Professional Standards Mediator, Pilot Hiring Team Member, Pilot Mentor, Captain, and Checkairman. Phil has a passion for aviation and helping people achieve their dream jobs of becoming commercial airline pilots. Phil is a
current First Officer at a Major Airline where he flies the B737. Phil has been instrumental to the success of Flight Path Vectors and currently serves as the Treasurer and Secretary of the organization.
Brock Booher

Brock Booher

Brock Booher grew up on a farm in Kentucky, the fourth of ten children. One day while he was out working the fields in the hot summer sun, a low-flying military jet came screaming overhead, barely missing the trees and disappearing like a shooting star. Right then he decided that flying looked like more fun than farming. He left the farm in pursuit of his dream, graduated from Brigham Young University, and headed off to pilot training in the US Air Force. After his Air Force service, he transitioned to commercial airline flying in the Boeing 737 and has over fifteen thousand hours of flying time. His experience and positions include: Instructor Pilot, Ground School Instructor, Simulator Instructor, Curriculum Developer, Check Airman, and Standards Check Airman. He has taught courses on CRM, RRM, time management, risk management, leadership, instructor/evaluator skills, and communication.